Terms & Conditions

Booking Procedure

  • In order to confirm and secure your reservation, a deposit of 30% of the total cost of your reservation is required and has to be paid during the reservation procedure. For the payment of the deposit, we accept Western Union payments and Bank transfers.
  • Once your payment deposit has been successfully paid, you will receive an email rental confirmation.
  • In case the payment of the deposit is not received within three days after the booking, the booking will be automatically canceled. 
  • For any reservation request please email us at info@welcometothassos.com.
  • If you make a reservation within 20 days or less prior to arrival, this will be considered a last-minute reservation and you will be required to deposit 30% of the reservation, which is not refundable in case of cancellation or no-show.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your booking at any time by sending us an e-mail to info@welcometothassos.com. You shall receive the appropriate amount of refund, regardless of your reason(s) of canceling, depending on the date of your cancellation. The effective date of cancellation will be the date on which we receive your written email notification. Should your booking cancellation occur at least 21 days before your expected arrival date, you shall receive back 100% of your down payment minus bank transfer expenses. Should your booking cancellation occur within 20 days before the expected arrival date, no refund will be paid. The required time to complete the transfer of any applicable down payment refund may vary depending on your bank. For this purpose, please send us an email with the following information. Name, Surname, ΙΒΑΝ, Swift Code / BIC, Name of Suite, Dates of Reservation, The Reason of Cancelation (optional).

Terms & Conditions

  • Minor groups may not be detained without the presence of a guardian or family.
  • It is not allowed to organize a party in any part of the property.
  • Smoking is not allowed in all areas of the property.
  • Groups of people or groups under the age of 23 may not book on-site unless they are in a family whole.
  • In case of damage(s) to the premises, loss of objects, appliances or destruction of bed linen, the tenants are obliged to compensate with the appropriate compensation for the damage.
  • If you notice any damage, please report it to your representative or the owner. Do not attempt to repair anything yourself.
  • Please do not use towels to remove makeup or any similar use.
  • Hours of quiet throughout the year 14.30-17.30 and 23.30 – 08.00.
  • Children staying in the area are under the exclusive supervision of their companions and we do not take any additional responsibility.
  • Check-in time is 14:00 – 23:00, and early check-in upon request based on availability.
  • Check-out time is 12:00.
  • In case of an early departure, you will be charged the amount of 50% for each of the remaining days, with a minimum charge equal to the cost of one night. 
  • Check every 2 days for any lack of ordinary stuff on-premises.
  • Daily treatment of all interior premises.
  • Linen change and cleaning every 2-3 days.
  • Upon request and extra charge, daily indoor treatments are also provided.

Property Condition

  • The Property is rented strictly for holiday purposes and may not be used for any purpose other than that. The number of any visiting party shall not exceed the Property’s capacity as advertised on the Welcome to Thassos website at the time of booking; Any extra visitors may be added upon request. You accept that the decoration, furniture and any other items that come with the Property may be different from what is shown in any brochure or other published material available at the time of booking, due to necessary or other changes. This remains at the discretion of the Owner.
  • After arrival, you must inform us as soon as possible of any damages in the Property or, any other damage or problem that may occur during your stay, so that we resolve any issues and notify the Owner, if necessary. Apart from any damage of which we are informed upon your arrival, you are responsible for covering the cost of all damage to the Property and any loss which can be identified from an inspection of the Property after your departure and you agree to fully compensate the Owner in this respect.
  • Welcome to Thassos bears no responsibility for a failure of mechanical equipment such as pumps, boilers, etc., or public utilities (such as water and electricity). Welcome to Thassos bears no responsibility for noise nuisances deriving outside the accommodation or beyond our control.

Health & Safety

All suites are individual. During your accommodation personal assistant will provide you with all contacts you may require during your stay and highlight any safety elements specific to the property, including escape routes to be used in the event of an emergency. Safety of our guests is our prime concern, therefore our team has taken all steps in order to ensure you have a pleasant and safe holiday. However, please note that safety standards and regulations do vary from country to country. Therefore, safety levels in all our properties are assessed in accordance with these. It is highly recommended that all clients take precautions to safeguard their own safety and that of their family and guests, especially children, people with disabilities and the elderly.


General Safety

In general, we would suggest you exercise the same caution and care that you would at home. Once you arrive at the property you have booked, take some time to familiarize yourself with all interior and exterior areas. look around the garden of the suite in daylight to familiarize yourself with any drop-offs, low walls, or steep descents; remember that children may be less careful than adults in new ambiance and surroundings thus, take extra care with children on stairs, balconies, and around water at all times, but mainly during the 1st day when everything is unfamiliar; please remember that when crossing the road, traffic may be traveling in the opposite direction; do look after your personal belongings – please take advantage of safety deposit facilities where available, and ensure that personal items are not left on display in cars.

Balcony Safety

Please ensure that all members of your party are made aware of any low walls at your suite on arrival. Please take extra care of any children in your party.

Child Safety

Please exercise caution as children will be in unfamiliar surroundings; high chairs may not have a harness. Please do not leave children unattended in a high chair and ensure they are secure.

Fire Safety

When you arrive take time to familiarize yourself with the emergency exit routes where applicable; read any safety information of your suite; make a note of how to raise the alarm in case of fire; please make sure that cigarettes are smoked outside and fully extinguished; make sure all candles are extinguished before going to bed or leaving the suite; in the event of fire, leave the property immediately; do not stop to pack or collect your belongings; stay calm and do not panic; exit the building as quickly as possible closing all doors behind you.


All electric appliances have been checked to ensure that they comply with the relevant safety standards; please read thoroughly any instructions given; please ensure that all electric devices are turned off at night or when you are not in your suite or room; please report any faults immediately; Please ensure, when leaving the suite, you carry the electricity card with you.


Please avoid the sun’s strongest rays during the middle of the day; always use a high-factor sun protection suitable for your skin type and re-apply often, especially after swimming; children should always wear a hat and have their shoulders covered; never expose babies under six months to direct sunlight; remember, fast tanning is not necessarily wise tanning.

Beach Safety

Even a safe beach can be dangerous under certain weather conditions; be aware of depths and tides; take local advice and respect any warnings; swim along the shore and not out to sea; do not swim alone or at night or allow children to swim unsupervised at any time.